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April Child Abuse and Neglect Awareness Campaign

Did you know......

û       Approximately three million children are reported abused and neglected each year in this country.


û       It is estimated that the actual incidents of abuse are three times higher than what is reported to authorities.


û       80% of all perpetrators of child abuse were parents or a parent’s significant other.


û       In 2009, 1,770 children died due to abuse in the United States.


û       Of these fatalities 80% where children under the age of four, 46% were children under the age of one.


û       75% of the perpetrators of child fatalities were parents or parent’s significant others. 32 % were childcare providers.


û       In South Dakota there were 1,443 victims of child abuse in 2009.


û       In 2010, 301 children were victims of abuse in Rapid City alone.  


û       There were 165 confirmed cases of child abuse and neglect in Rapid City last year.  


In 1983 the month of April was designated as National Child Abuse Prevention Month?  Each April, and throughout the year, the WSDCPC sponsors a campaign to promote awareness of child abuse issues and provides information on what can be done to prevent child abuse. This

year's focus campaign is Building Strong Families.


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The History of the Blue Ribbon
In the Spring of 1989, a Virginian grandmother, Bonnie Finney, took a stand against child abuse after her own grandson, Bubba, suffered a tragic death because of abuse. Bonnie tied a blue ribbon to her van as a signal of her personal commitment to involve everyone in the battle to stop child abuse.

The WSDCPC is asking everyone to follow Bonnie's example by wearing blue ribbons or by tying a blue ribbon to the antenna of your car during the month of April.

Click here for a KOTA Video about the Blue Ribbon Tree!
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